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Attraction Spell – Amulet

Attraction Spell – Amulet
Attraction Spell – Amulet

Are you looking for a good fast attraction spell?

The best way for an attraction spell to work is to charge and amulet with it’s power.  The spell will do it’s work all the time when you carry this amulet with you.  Imagine the self-confidence and power you will feel knowing that the attraction spell is constantly putting the spell into the universe and everything surrounding you!

This spell is fast and easy to cast.  It does require a good amount of focus in order to charge the amulet.  This attraction spell is the most powerful when cast on Sunrise on a Friday (This is when Venus rules both the hour and day).

You will need:

Cardamom essential oil (love, lust, sexual energy)

Attar of Roses, also known as rose oil (love, beauty, luck, protection)

Either Opal for beauty, luck, power and emotional balance or Zircon for beauty, love, peace, sexual energy and emotional balance.

Creating the Attraction Amulet

To begin you crystal or stone must be clean and clear from any past negative energy.  After that the stone must be “activated”.  In order to clear the stone you must wash it in saltwater, seawater or holy water.  I usually let mine sit in it’s bath for a little while after cleaning, then give it a good rinse of fresh saltwater. 

There are two ways to activate the stone.  The first method it to take it outside on a Full Moon and hold it in the light.  You should begin to feel the vibrations of the stone after a few minutes.  The second method is to give it a light tap or rub after cleaning.

After your stone is cleansed and activated put one drop of the Cardamom oil and two drops of the attar of roses on it.

Prepare you magick circle and altar (if you do not know how to do this you can find the information under the “spell casting terms” section of this site) and place your stone on it.

Begin the ritual -  Once you have gathered your focus and energy say the following -

“At the sunrise Fill light my eyes Love, beauty and luck bring to me So I have asked, so mote it be.”

After you have said this begin creating your cone of power.  This is where you chant, sway or play your drums in order to focus your energy.  As you gather more focus the intensity of your actions should increase.  See, in your mind, the energy collecting and forming a cone going from you to the stone on your altar.  When you focus is at its climax release it into the stone by saying the following -

“Air, Water, Earth, Fire Hear my words, see my desire. Power this crystal to work for me. The work is done, so mote it be.”

See the power and focus you gathered transferring into your stone.  Your amulet is now charged and carries the power of the attraction spell.  You can tie the stone onto a piece of string, braided rope or whatever you like.  You can also just keep it in your pocket, but it should be in close contact with you as much as possible.

That’s it for this attraction spell and charging your amulet with it!



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