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Colors and Magick

Magick Colors

Colors are energy! They are waves of light that are absorbed or reflected by the surface that they interact with, because of this they have their own energy and are useful in spell casting.

Science has proven that colors can affect our moods, help in healing and have a great impact on people in various other ways.

That is why you may notice some spells call for candles or fabric of a certain color, usually these color represent the work you aim to do.

For some people, certain colors may have a personal meaning, but usually we can all agree on the universal meaning each color represents. Some color share the same or similar meanings, if this is the case simply pick the color that has secondary meanings that are in line with the work you will be doing.

Below is a list of colors and their magickal properties.

Color and Their Meaning

Black – Absorbs negative energy, provides protection, banishing, binding and divination.

Blue – The Color of the Element of Water – Physic ability, truth, hope, honor, change, protection, tranquility and truth.

Brown – Stability, grounding, justice, integrity, concentration.

Gold – The God, strength, success, courage, confidence, vitality.

Gray - Absorbing negativity, neutrality, vision.

Green – The Color of the Element Earth, abundance, prosperity, luck, fertility, jealousy.

Indigo – Change, flexibility, vision, psychic abilities.

Magenta – Change, intuition, spiritual healing, vitality.

Orange - Ambition, courage, enthusiasm, energy, friendship, success, pride, opportunities.

Pink - Love, compassion, affection, romance, spiritual healing, harmony, tenderness.

Purple - Success in business, self-esteem, psychic ability, inspiration, spirituality, growth, insight.

Red – The Color of the Element of Fire, sexual love, lust, passion, fire, willpower, strength, anger, courage.

Silver – The Goddess, balance, stability, truth, intuition, psychic ability.

Turquoise – Creativity, honor, idealism, self-knowing, discipline.

Violet – Success, intuition, self-improvement, spiritual awareness.

White – CAN BE USED IN PLACE OF ANY COLOR, peace, protection, healing, truth, tranquility, cleansing.

Yellow – The Color of the Element of Air, joy, vitality, creativity, communication, intelligence.

Remember, that white can always be used in place on any color. If you have a strong dislike of any color or feel better about one that has a shared meaning you can always use the other color in it’s place.



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