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Creating Your Own Book of Shadows

Creating Your Own Book of Shadows
Creating Your Own Book of Shadows

A Book of Shadows simply put, is like a journal. It contains all your spells, research, hopes, dreams, etc. To make your own Book of Shadows will need a large three-ring binder and tabs to separate the sections so all your information is easy to find. On the first page of your book write the book title and the date. The second page should have a Book Blessing. The one most commonly used is:

Hearken as the Witches word, Calls the All, a gulf to ford, Bridge the vast realities. An it harm none, do as you please. Elements, protect and guard this book, From wandering eyes and prying look, And fill it with thine ancient power, In this right and ready hour. Powers of the North, the earth below, Help me to live, to learn, to grow. Lend your strength and stability, To practice the Craft, and with love be free. Powers of the East, the wind, the sky, Watch over these pages with thine eye. Your wisdom and knowledge, for these I do ask, That this book be worthy, the Craft and its task. Powers of the South, fire and the hearth, Help these shadows to prove their worth. Infuse them with your healing and passion, So only good comes from the work that is fashioned. Powers of the West, the water and sea, Change and growth are granted thee. Bless these pages with all you know, That righteous readers may learn and grow.

The next section should be entitled Magic Rules and Principles. Write down your own personal principles and beliefs. This will help you stay on the right track and only practice white magic. The fourth section should be named Goals and Aspirations. Write out what your short term goals are and make sure to include the date you wrote it. You can add to this section anytime you want as your goals change. Do the same with your long term goals. The fifth section is your Dreams and Divination Records. Use this section to write out messages you've received in dreams or through some type of divination, such as a reading. This is where you want to record your thoughts and interpretations. You can add to this section whenever you want. Next, make a section for Research. Here you can record all the information you've learned on your path. You may want to make sub-sections for candles, crystals, tarot, etc. The seventh section is for your spells, incantations, and prayers. Record all spells you want to remember. Even if you never use the spell, you may find messages in them especially for you during different times on your journey. Also record any experiences you've had with spells you've used. What you liked, disliked, what didn't work, etc. The next section is for Herbs and Potions. This part of the book will help you keep track of what herbs are good for what purpose and how they work together. Lastly, is the section for closing thoughts. At the end of every year, or when the book is filled, depending on your personal preference for starting a new Book of Shadows, write down the goals you've achieved, reflections on what you've learned. End this section with a blessing of thanks and gratitude to the universe that have helped you on this path and journey in your life.

To the unschooled eye let see, Confusing words and sophistry, Lead them from these sacred pages, And bless their passage through the ages. For free will of all, and harm to none. As I have willed it, it is now done. So mote it be!



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