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Free Attraction Spells

Free Attraction Spells
Free Attraction Spells

Sweet Attraction Spells

Here is one of my favorite attraction spells.  It is extremely powerful, yet very simple to cast.  This sweet attraction spell will cause your desire to make the first move.  Once again, despite the fact that it is so simple to cast you still need to maintain your focus and have a clearly defined goal in mind the entire time. Here is what you will need : 1. A piece of paper – I prefer to use some sort of special paper, either hemp or real cotton, but any kind will work for this. 2. An orange 3. A lemon 4. 1 tbsp chocolate syrup 5. 1 tsp of honey. During the daytime, before a full moon, simply write your desired one’s name on the paper.  Cut the orange in half and round out the center of both pieces.  Roll the paper up and place gently inside the orange and put the two half together.  Once you have done this, purify the orange by squeezing the lemon juice on top.  Next, place the chocolate on your finger and trace a heart on the outside of the orange.  Use the honey and run around the slice along the outside of the orange. Once this is done wait until night when the moon is bright in the sky.  Head outside and find a tree that is directly in the moonlight.  Hold the orange clearly in the light and chant the following (remember to keep your energy focused on your goal) “Goddess of Love, hear my desire My wish for love, burning like fire Accept this orange and chocolate, foods of love purified by lemon, such is dove sealed with honey, from the bee send them here, with love from thee” Place the orange on the north side of the tree with a gentle kiss.  After you have done this, draw your circle around the tree. This is slightly different than most of our other attraction spells as it is extremely simple.  Once again clear focus an energy are required to make this casting successful.  Blessings and feel free to browse some of our other attraction spells.


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