Free Easy Fast Working Love Spell

Free Easy Fast Working Love Spell
Free Easy Fast Working Love Spell

 Here is a free easy fast working love spell.  You will need an Alexandrite crystal ( a piece of jewelry with alexandrite will work for this as well), a pink candle and ginger oil (a piece of sliced raw ginger will also work).

Step 1: Gather your focus and energy. Close your eyes and concentrate on your goal of finding love, making sure not to have a specific person in mind, but rather certain qualities you are looking for in a mate.

Step 2:  Take the pink candle and hold it with the wick end facing you.  Using your other hand take the ginger and starting at the bottom of the candle work the ginger oil up towards you, stopping just before the wick.  Continue to do this until the entire candle has been coated.

Step 3: Using the Alexandrite, carve your intent into the side of the candle.  Many people prefer to just carve “love” into the side, and this works fine.  Feel free to make it more personal if you desire.

Step 4: Place the candle on your altar or by a window (make sure the area is free from any flowing fabric or anything that can catch on fire).  Light your candle.  Focus on the flame for a few minutes and imagine what you life will be like with this new love.

Say the following -

“Hear this as the candle burns For deep true love my heart yearns For friend and lover, as this candle melt True love will be felt. So mote it be.”

Step 5: Let the candle burn out on it’s own.  When the candle is out, the spell is complete.

That’s it, after your spell is done you may so whatever you want with what’s left of the candle.

Note: For this free easy love spell to work fast you must maintain your focus and energy the entire time.


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