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Free Easy Love Spells

Free Easy Love Spells
Free Easy Love Spells

This is a simple spell to attract the specific person you desire. Free easy love spells usually aren’t very strong, but if you follow these simple steps, this one is different. Because this spell is so simple you at least need to know their name and have some form of regular contact or communication with them.

Free Easy Love Spells

The two ingredients:

  • Your altar

  • Red candle

This spell is to be cast on a Friday night.  Head outside and set up your altar (if you don’t have an altar see how to make one here – Magick Circle and Altar).  Cast a circle and make sure you set your altar up at the north edge.   Call the Elemental Guardians (you can learn to do this here – Elemental Guardians).

Smudge your circle if you feel you may need protection.

Scrawl or Carve the person’s name onto the candle.

Do not light the candle yet – hold the candle directly in the moonlight and chant the following:

Goddess of love, Light of the Night Please Hear me now. Let (person’s name) Send love towards me. So mote it be.

Then, light the candle and say:

(Person’s Name) – May I be in your thoughts day and night.

Gently kiss the lit candle (the side, NOT THE FLAME!). Gaze into the flame and imagine you and the one you love together, in love.

Let the candle burn out on it’s own.

This spell may take a little while to achieve it’s full effect.  As always, maintain your focus and keep you goal clearly in mend while casting.  Because this spell is so simple people tend to not take it seriously.  Remember, all spells are extremely powerful if cast right and this one is no different.  That’s about as simple as it gets for free easy love spells!



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