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Free Soul Mate Love Spell

This Soul Mate love spell will bring a partner who is matched to you by the universe.

Free Soul Mate Love Spell
Free Soul Mate Love Spell

This simple Soul Mate Love Spell is intended to be”fail-safe”, but as always, you must be responsible for any outcome that occurs.

Here is what you will need:

1. A focused mind and a clearly defined goal.

2. Some type of special paper (No copier or notebook paper!), Some nice card-stock, hemp or real cotton paper work great for this Soul Mate Spell but really, whatever you feel is special will work.

3.A ritual writing instrument (I have some favorite pens that I use solely for rituals, don’t ever just pull one out of your purse or from your office, find something that is special to you and hopefully unique like a quill, fountain pen, your favorite ball-point, etc. Any color ink is fine.

4.I recommend using Moon Incense, while it is not necessary, it does help to strengthen the spell – click this link – Moon Incense  - to make your own or find some to buy on the internet.

5.Charcoal or a materials to create a small ritual fire.

When should you cast this love spell? Any time really, like most spells after dark is best, especially during the waxing moon. This spell can be cast at various times for a couple reasons; because it is a love spell, and the moon incense has the power of the full moon.

Strengthen your personal circle or aura (if you do not know how to do this, you can find this information here on my site – Magick Circle ) and set everything up. Get your writing instrument and the paper you have chose write the words of power that will draw your perfect partner to you.

Do not include names and avoid thinking of a specific person, for who you have in mind and what the universe says is your love may not be the same. If you are having trouble coming up with your own words of power you can use the following, I’ve had plenty of success with using this for the soul mate love spell:

Where is my perfect mate? What I do tonight will surely bait. My one who should be with me, Will find their way to truly be. In pure love and honest trust, I desire this, but not from lust, The spell will bring us to unite, And be together every night.

After you are done, look over what you have put down and make sure that everything you wanted to say is there. After that, meditate on your goal over your ritual fire. When the time comes, you know the spell is complete, you feel whole, warm and confident get ready to start the next part of the ritual.

the fire is hot with ashes or the charcoal burns red with love say your writing 3 times out loud. At the end of each time take a small pinch or the moon incense and throw it into your fire. Be safe with this and make clear your intent.

After you are done with this, neatly fold your paper and keep it with you as long as you see fit, as only you can truly know when the soul mate love spell is taking effect. Keep it under a pillow while you sleep or in your pocket. When you feel you have bonded with the power of the spell and the words on the paper, prepare everything again as you did initially.

This time, after you burn the moon incense, throw your paper into the fire to release the spell. It is also a common practice to keep these papers in a spell box. This is a special box that you chose to hold your writing and powers. Be sure to only include similar spells in the box or even use a different box for each one. Blessings and may you find your love using this Soul Mate Love Spell.



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