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How To Win Her Heart

They say the way to reach out to one’s heart is through the stomach. This, in plain words means serve food to the person that you like so that the person will be attracted towards you and there will be love between the two of you. If you cook her favorite dish and invite her to your place, it will make things easier for you if you intend to propose her with a round diamond engagement ring in the near future.

How To Win Her Heart
How To Win Her Heart

Men hardly enjoy their time in the kitchen. For most of them, it is a big no-no. However, if you emerge out as the odd man out, things may most certainly work in your favor. This holds true when it comes to sharing her kitchen chores and being a handful in preparing aromatic and tasty dishes.

The more kitchen chores you share with her, the more time both of you spend together. Most importantly, you will get to get closer to her. This can work perfectly for the couple who are in a live-in relationship. This is the time when you are not married but can without doubt entertain a thought of proposing her. This is when you can make her feel that you are the one who not only cares for her but also shares her household responsibilities.

There was one such working couple who believed in a live-in relationship. On a beautiful Sunday, he got up earlier than usual – even when it was a holiday. By the time his girlfriend got up, he had made her favorite dish ready. He had made such a grand preparation that; it was only a matter of time before all the meal disappears in a flash. No wonder, she was surprised.

When she asked him about the sudden change in his behavior, he answered, ‘if you can do the daily chores in the kitchen, and the household and can be a working lady, why can’t I help you on a holiday to make life easier for you?’ He took the opportunity to propose her at the very moment with the diamond engagement ring, which she loved the most.

It was only a formality for a lady to say yes to her boyfriend who shows how much he cares for her.

You can also surprise her by waking up early even on a holiday and serving her with the dish of her choice. Who would not love to get served his special dish and that too when one would least expect it.

You can also extend your helping hand in the kitchen when you visit her place. Serving her and her parents with food that you have prepared yourself will undoubtedly make them happy. On a lighter side, it will increase your chances of proposing your girlfriend successfully.

Getting in the shoes of a chef is one of the best things that can happen to you. That would give you one of its kind experiences as well and potentially make a happily married couple.



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