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How To Win Him Back

Breakups are hard, especially if they should not have happened in the first place. Recognizing the signals and rectifying any issues is key number one to avoiding a break up. But sometimes our busy lives can cause us to miss those signals and then all of a sudden, it seems, you’re blindsided. Left in shock, wondering what happened and clueless to how this all happened and we now are searching for ways on how to win him back.

How To Win Him Back
How To Win Him Back

Well, now that it’s happened, it’s time to get busy and figure out how to win him back. Again, first things first, figure out what signals you may have missed that could have indicated that he was unhappy in the relationship. Be aware that not everything is your fault and avoid beating yourself up and taking all the blame. Relationship issues go both ways usually and although men tend to become less tolerant as time goes on when things remain unresolved, they’re not perfect and sometimes it’s just not possible to fix everything.

Having said this, try to realize that there had to be signals that were simply missed and get to the bottom of the issues. Hopefully, the guy involved will be willing to meet and willing to talk about the break up. If he is, do not lose it emotionally, do not profusely apologize for everything, and do not demand a second chance. Once you know the issues, and an apology is necessary, make it simple and sincere, then ask for some time to work out the issues. Starting over as friends and begin the journey of repairing the relationship. Your sincerity and unselfishness while hearing him out may help move him into an amicable manner.

Learning how to win him back can be difficult because it means you need to be much more sensitive to him.

Sounds weird since most women tend to be sensitive to peoples emotions as part of their make up, however, most women don’t understand that men can be easily degraded by their woman and she will never know she did it. This works on a man’s ego, not to be confused with pride, and eventually makes him less emotionally attached to her causing him to seek these needs to be met elsewhere.

Reading more information regarding how a man ticks would be a great way to continue working on winning him back so that once the relationship has been repaired, you will now have a lifestyle of understanding and communication that will be much more successful in building and maintaining that relationship.

One last piece of advice, winning him back should be because you really do want the relationship to work and you know that he’s the one for you. Also be sure that excluding the incident that led to your break up, you’re pretty certain he feels the same. Make absolutely sure that changing the way you treat him is not manipulation, but a true and sincere desire to unselfishly trade singleness for partnership with your man and making commitment and relationship building between the two of you a lifestyle.

Although you are going through a rough time in your life because of the break up there are resources that can help you get back into a happier and stronger relationship with your man. You need to take advantage of these resources. The above tips should be consider just as a starting point on how to win him back.



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