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How To Win His Heart

Most of us have surely been in a position where we need to part ways with someone we love. This is the most difficult thing one can experience in a relationship. It is more difficult when you think that breaking up was not the right thing to do.

How To Win His Heart
How To Win His Heart

Now that everything has been said and many hurtful words have been thrown to each other, where and how do you start if you want him back?

But before you rush things and contact him, ask yourself if this is the right thing to do. Can both of you work out your differences? Or living your lives separately can be more beneficial for your future? Are you ready to improve some of the attitudes that he does not like?

How about him, will he be prepared to correct the things you don’t like about him? If your answer is no, then it is better to turn your back now and forget what you want.

However, if you are 100% willing to fix things in your relationship, here are some tips to get you started:

Tip 1 –

Find out what went wrong.To mend your relationship, know the root of your problems first. So that when both of you talk, you can discuss how you can solve them. Was it because you were physically or emotionally relying on him that he felt like he had lost his privacy?

Or maybe you are too close with your guy friends which made him jealous? You should realize that two persons are always involved in a relationship — you and him. If you think he had failed, you also did. Criticizing each other will not do you any good. After all, mistakes were committed by both parties.

Tip 2 –

If he wants space, give it to him! Give him time to consider things over.If getting him back is what you are aiming for, then tell it to him straightforward and let him think about it.

Do not act like your some kind of a stalker that will call or text him every day just to ask what’s his decision. Tell yourself beforehand that after the talk, after explaining in detail the things that you think ended your relationship, you’ll have to leave him alone. No more, no less. Chances are: He will call you and settle things up OR he will not — and you have to accept it no matter what

Tip 3 –

Look after yourself. You may not notice but breakups can also impact your health aside from your emotions.This is not the time to make yourself weak. If you really want him back, prove to him that you are emotionally and physically ready.

Eat right, exercise regularly and stay away from things that can stress you. Not only will your boyfriend find you a lot more attractive, he will also be positive that you are capable of changing and improving yourself.

Tip 4 –

Be positive in life. Everything seems so good if you are positive on what you say, think and do. This is the Law of Attraction. If after several days your ex has not called you yet, always keep in mind that it will be fixed in God’s time. Be positive that wherever the outcome points you, it will sure be for the better.

Tip 5 –

Find a hobby. While you are still waiting for his answer, make yourself busy by indulging yourself in a new hobby. This way, you will not notice how long or how fast the days passed.Make a life of your own. Make the most out of your life. This can improve your self-confidence. Keep in mind that happy and positive persons are easily seen by others.

Tips 6 –

Stay open minded. You have your own point of view, he also has his own. To meet half way, you must know when and how to answer back. Remember that anything can be fixed if both of you are calm. Let him talk and clarify his side.

Sometimes, getting your boyfriend back is an easy thing to do when you know how to lower your pride. If in the end things did not come out the way you expected, at least you can live your life with no regrets.



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