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Spell for Love - Find your true man

Spell for Love - Find your true man
Spell for Love - Find your true man

This Spell for love must be cast on a Full Moon on a Friday night. When cast under these conditions this spell has NEVER failed. Sorry men, this can only be cast by a woman -

Gather these things before the night of the full moon:

1 sheet of regular lined paper (no special paper needed for this one)

1 ink pen (preferably red)

An envelope

your favorite brand of perfume, if you don’t wear perfume anything with your favorite scent will work.

Your favorite red lipstick, it must be a stick you have worn before.

A couple pink or red flower petals.

Gather your focus and energy and head out under the full moon. Using the red pen, write down all the qualities you want in a lover, this is not the time to be shy, write down everything you could ever want in a person.

Spray the paper with your perfume or scent you have chosen. Fold the paper THREE times and place in the envelope.

Squeeze the petals in your hand, you should feel the moisture coming out of them, close your eyes. Picture everything you wrote down on your paper.

Now imagine those qualities coming together and forming an outline or image of a person.

Visualize that person in your mind and introduce yourself to them.

Now place the petals into envelope. Lick and close the envelope and seal both the spell and the envelope with a kiss while wearing the red lipstick.

Take the envelope and put it in your spell box or any other safe place.

That’s if for this simple spell for love!

It is extremely important that this never be opened again, by you or anyone else.  If you do this spell for love will not for you work ever again.



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