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The Reality of Magick

Authenticity of Magic in the real world

The Reality of Magick
The Reality of Magick

Answering the actuality of magic in modern times

If we recall our childhood memories very carefully we will certainly remember how most of us would love watching magicians and the magic shows that they conducted. We even use to think that these magic tricks are authentic and had the power to do the impossible.

We loved the way in which the magician used to turn complex items to entertaining simple thing in a fraction of a second. Our belief on these magic spells that the magician used grew with every magic show we have enjoyed.

But as days goes past, with increasing age and maturity we believe that these magic spells are nothing but tricks of hand. We lose our faith on the magic spells and start looking at the real world with a lot of logical approach.

When we take our kids to these magic shows we often have to pretend that the spells and the tricks involved in the magic tricks are real, and they are actually happening. This is just done by us in order to make our kids believe the fact that whatever they think is true and thus their faith and level of fun increases even more.

After they reach home they try out their own customized magic spells in order to act as a true magician. We play a very important role in confirming their belief and faith on these magic spells. But if we clearly ask ourselves the fact about the time we lost faith in magic, we might feel confused. We then need to do a little research on whether our faith lost just because it was not real, or did we change our way of looking at various aspects of our lives.

In History, magic was an actual science praised by Kings and the rulers of the World

Proper study about how magic originated and what are its uses will provide us with shocking facts. Actually magic is not just a child's faith on false tricks. Initially in the past, magic was a very important part of life, and thus was taught to almost everyone in the society. Days went on and society changed its way of looking at tricks like magic.

But even now various people in the world exists who not only believe in magic, but make their living out of it. They do not consider magic to be a false faith, but to be an art, which when mastered can help us in real lives. People who generally speak ill about magic nowadays are not actually aware of the intricacies involved in actual magic.

How Magic can help us in our lives?

When we look towards the life around us we will understand the fact that life itself is a magic. Have we ever considered the fact that the mysterious ways in which the elements of nature play a vital role in our life is magical?

We must never forget the fact that elements of nature like earth, water, fire and wind are all nothing but just magic that we overlook in our routine lives, due to lack of time and the inability to look at things with an open heart and enlightened eyes.



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