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Visualize to Create Your Perfect Mate

Visualize to Create Your Perfect Mate
Visualize to Create Your Perfect Mate

This simple exercise will help you visualize to create your perfect mate.  It may seem very simple, but we can never underestimate the power of positive thought and energy.

1. Focus your energy and imagine your perfect mate in your mind’s eye. Focus and concentrate on this image for as long as you can maintain. Visualize your feelings flowing out of you and into the universe. This will attract your perfect mate to you.

2. Gather pictures of things that are important to you.  They don’t have to be the exact picture, but should represent that idea to you.  Place these pictures in your spell box or any other place for safe keeping.

3. Using your ritual pen and special paper, write down everything that is important for you to have a satisfying relationship.

4. Place this list on top of you spell box and put them both somewhere you will see them often.  The more you focus on your desire the close it comes to reality. 

5. Repeat your list often, both in your head and out-loud.  The more you put the energy and vibrations out there the quicker they will manifest.



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