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What you must know about Magic

All you want to know about the magical terms and spells

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Introduction: Magic terms

There are numerous people that are interested in learning magic and it is essential to have an understanding of magical denotations and terms.


This is basically a star and it is used for representing spirits along with 4 elements. It is also Wicca magical symbol. Babylonians and Ancient Greeks used this Pentagrams and it is also used for symbolizing wounds of Jesus Christ. This is not only hallmark of Christians, but for Jews as well.


This is an appearance of witchcraft and it is worshipped by goddess and god. It is imperative that deities are worshipped by everyone. This is one of the religions that are associated with spell casting and white magic.


This is basically a sorcery or magic and it is associated with Wiccan religion and witches. You can use this as a black magic and this is basically used to harm others. It is also associated with white magic that is used to spread positive, protecting and uplifting people.


This is used to denote those communities or people who does not belong to any religion and worship more than one God. This person mainly belongs to Greeks or ancient Romans (polytheistic religion). These people are known as Neopagans because they are the worshippers of nature.

Spell Casting

This is an art of fulfilling the desires of people through the help of rhyming words and incantations. It also makes use of magical materials and great concentration is required for performing this art.

Spell Caster

In order to fulfill all your dreams, this form of magic is used. These powers are acquired by wizard or warlock and it involves a lot of rigorous study.


This is basically a sorcerer or female magician and she is a Wicca follower. She is bestowed with powers and can cast magical spell on others. Warlock is known as male counterpart of the same.

Candle Ceremony

This is a ceremony in many candles are used to represent Gods and Goddesses. These candles represent justice, wisdom and faith.


Rhyming words or incantation that will be having magical effect and all wishes will get fulfilled. This is basically used to spell riches, love, health, protection and luck.


This is one of the supernatural ways through which events can be controlled and nature worships can be performed. It can be used for the benefit of mankind.


These people have powerful sixth sense and have strong aura. They can easily access information through spiritual world and they can predict future through their subconscious mind.


This is practiced in Caribbean countries and is an occult religion. This combines beliefs of West African. All things in nature comprise of ceremonial elements and souls and they can talk with trances and voodoo elements.


These are cards and it is used in occult religion and Wicca. These are used for the purpose of predicting future. The set comprises of 78 cards and are used for depicting elemental forces.


This is popular as clairvoyants or psychics. These are basically utilized for predicting the future of people and spreading the energy all over.


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