White Magic Spells To Get You Started

White Magic Spells To Get You Started
White Magic Spells To Get You Started

White magic has been around for centuries and has been incorporated into many cultures throughout the ages. It is a way for us, as humans, to connect with Nature and the forces in the Universe. White magic spells, all spells really, don't try to take away anyone's free will or change them in any way. It is simply channels their energy in a different direction. You need to choose the right time and moment to cast a white magic spell to make it most effective. Always choose a time when you are calm and not emotionally distraught or acting out of any negative emotion such as anger or jealousy. This could have huge negative repercussions on you. Remember, everything we send out to the Universe comes back at as threefold. Here are a few simple, yet effective, white magic spells to get you started.

Spell to Help Heal the Earth

Plant a tree, shrub, or flower from seed or a bulb. You will want to make sure to bless the dirt you plant it in, the water you use on it, and let the full light of the moon shine upon it when the moon is full. When the plant is strong enough, take it out to a field or forest to plant it. Be sure not to use herbs, as some herbs can disrupt a natural ecosystem and be destructive. As you plant, repeat these words three times: Gentle Goddess, mighty Earth Take this as an offering from me. This plant represents the blessings I shower upon the earth. And is to be used to heal you in the vastness of time.

Have a Happy Home Spells

Take half of an onion and hold it in your hand. Say: "I give you the power to absorb any negative feelings in this home." In your mind, picture the onion sucking up any negativity like a vacuum cleaner, and then place the onion in the compost or trash, saying: "Be gone!"

Happy Home Spell No. 2

Take some powdered carpet cleaner and sprinkle it on the carpets in your house while you say: "I give you the power to soak up any negative feelings in this home." Vacuum up the carpet cleaner and empty the bag or canister into a garbage can outside of your house.

Spell to Help You or Someone Else Heal from a Sickness

Oil a blue candle with either lavender oil or eucalyptus oil and then light the candle. You will also need: -- a fireproof dish -- A piece of paper with the name of the person who needs healing written on it -- An amethyst stone After the candle is lit, hold the amethyst and say: Amethyst of healing Amethyst of the Light Please heal (name) at the speed of light. This is my will. So Mote It Be! This will complete the spell. If this spell is to heal someone other than yourself, give that person the amethyst so the healing can begin. If it is for yourself, carry the stone with you until you are well then bury the amethyst off of your property. Burn the paper with the name on it in the flame of the candle and put it in the dish. As the paper burns, picture the illness or injury going away.

Protection Spells