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Wiccan Ritual Tools

Wiccan Ritual Tools
Wiccan Ritual Tools

There are certain tools that most every Wiccan has and uses in their rituals.  Because the majority of spells we talk about are Wiccan in nature, these ritual tools are often required.  If you can not get these tools you can always be creative and use something similar to represent it.

Athame -  A short (usually around 5 or 6 inches) double edged, usually dull blade that represents the God. They typically have a black handle.  Some people prefer to use wooden athames carved from trees.

Chalice – A cup of mug used to represent the Goddess.  This usually contains wine or water when on the altar and is also related to the Element Water.  It is used in a ritual called the great right which symbolizes the unification of the male and female.

Cauldron – Used to symbolize the womb of the Goddess, used for cooking and burning incense.

Book of Shadows – Think of this as your magickal journal.  Write down anything you do or learn that has to do with your workings.

Incense – Represents the Element Air and is also used to cleanse magickal tools and places.

Pentagram – Associated with the Element Earth, it is placed on the altar to provide protection during rituals and spell casting.

Wand – Usually associated with the Element Fire.  It is used to direct energy.  It can be made from any material and can even be as simple as a branch or twig from a tree.

These are the very basic ritual tools of Wiccans.  Like magickal tools they should be extremely well taken care of and guarded.  You should view your ritual tools as sacred. Try to find items that have a personal connection with you, it will help to strengthen your workings.

There are a lot of other magickal tools and ritual tools that are used, from bells to Tarot cards and pendulums.  It all depends on the magickal work you intend to do and what you personally find useful.


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