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Wicca and Witchcraft

Understanding Wicca and Witchcraft The purpose of this article is to answer some very basic questions about Wicca, while dispelling certain

Candle Love Spells

Candle magic is based on a few simple principles: the color of the candle, they type of oil you use, the words or symbols you carve or don't

How To Cast A Love Spell

The effect of love spells is a personal experience, and it's important how they are cast. There is a divine force that you in times of need and you can draw on them to cast love spells that really work. If you invoke divine energy while casting your spells you are opening yourself up to new ways to solve your love situation and these ways may evolve in a natural way. It's your energy that makes spells work. Using a love spell that really works to create a healthy relationship between two people is ethical and can be effective only if the intention is pure and done with faith and concentration. There are three rules that need to be followed when casting a love spell. First, you should cast th

Love Spell Writing

If you really want to unleash your own magical powers, learning how to write your own incantations is the best way. The difference between a

White Magic Spells To Get You Started

White magic has been around for centuries and has been incorporated into many cultures throughout the ages. It is a way for us, as humans, t

Colors and Magick

Magick Colors ​ Colors are energy! They are waves of light that are absorbed or reflected by the surface that they interact with, because of this they have their own energy and are useful in spell casting. Science has proven that colors can affect our moods, help in healing and have a great impact on people in various other ways. ​ That is why you may notice some spells call for candles or fabric of a certain color, usually these color represent the work you aim to do. For some people, certain colors may have a personal meaning, but usually we can all agree on the universal meaning each color represents. Some color share the same or similar meanings, if this is the case simply pick the color

Magick Circle and Altar

How to make a magick circle and altar: Magick circles and altars have been used since the beginning of time .The were widely used by the ancient Babylonians. Most pagan rituals take place in a circle, outside, under the moon.  One can simply look to Stonehenge from proof of this. Today the circles have taken on more of a personal shape, often times they are quickly put together and dismantled, perhaps a practice used at a time in history when being a witch or pagan would lead to death. ​ Today’s’ magick circles perform two functions, they function as a sort of protection against evil or harmful energy and also create a sacred space for one to commune with their god or goddess. ​ The magick c

Wiccan Ritual Tools

There are certain tools that most every Wiccan has and uses in their rituals.  Because the majority of spells we talk about are Wiccan in nature, these ritual tools are often required.  If you can not get these tools you can always be creative and use something similar to represent it. Athame -  A short (usually around 5 or 6 inches) double edged, usually dull blade that represents the God. They typically have a black handle.  Some people prefer to use wooden athames carved from trees. Chalice – A cup of mug used to represent the Goddess.  This usually contains wine or water when on the altar and is also related to the Element Water.  It is used in a ritual called the great right which symbo

Spell Casting Terms

Altar - Used in casting and rituals, click the link for more info. ​ Coven – A group of witches that gather together on a regular basis. ​ Colors and their magickal meanings ​ Crystals and Their Magickal Properties ​ Deosil - Clockwise movement around a circle ​ Grounding - Dispersing excess energy into the ground, often done through visualization. ​ Magick Circle ​ Magickal Tools ​ Ritual Tools ​ Sigil – A magick sign, seal or image that you can use on your tools or pretty much anything you want. ​ Widdershins – Counter-clockwise movement around a circle.

Poppet Magick and Healing Spells

When many of us think of magick dolls images of a voodoo witch doctors are conjured in our minds.  This stereotypical thought has kept many people from enjoying the benefits and strength that poppet magic has. The fact is, voodoo, at its core, is about healing and love.  It is how it has been portrayed in the media that gives people a negative image of it.  It is interesting to learn that poppet magick isn’t solely used in voodoo, it has often been used in witchcraft and Wiccan rituals throughout time. Healing Spells – Poppet Magick How To Gather some fabric, the type doesn’t matter, but the color should be in line with your goal (check out the “Colors and Magick” section of this site). You

Visualize to Create Your Perfect Mate

This simple exercise will help you visualize to create your perfect mate.  It may seem very simple, but we can never underestimate the power of positive thought and energy. ​ 1. Focus your energy and imagine your perfect mate in your mind’s eye. Focus and concentrate on this image for as long as you can maintain. Visualize your feelings flowing out of you and into the universe. This will attract your perfect mate to you. 2. Gather pictures of things that are important to you.  They don’t have to be the exact picture, but should represent that idea to you.  Place these pictures in your spell box or any other place for safe keeping. 3. Using your ritual pen and special paper, write down everyt

Pink Candle Free Love Spell

This simple free love spell is so easy anyone can cast it!. You only need two things, and if you don’t already have them in your house you can easily get them at any store. This spell will give you a boost in confidence and is sure to raise your level of attractiveness to the opposite sex. ​ You only need - ​ 1 pink candle and a bottle of 100% virgin olive- ​ What you do: Put the candle on your altar – a table or any flat surface will work if you don’t have an altar. Coat your hand in olive oil and brush your fingers on the middle of the candle going up, then going down. You are purifying the candle with the olive oil,  so be sure to visualize the love and energy you want to charge the candl

Spell for Love - Find your true man

This Spell for love must be cast on a Full Moon on a Friday night. When cast under these conditions this spell has NEVER failed. Sorry men, this can only be cast by a woman - ​ Gather these things before the night of the full moon: ​ 1 sheet of regular lined paper (no special paper needed for this one) 1 ink pen (preferably red) An envelope your favorite brand of perfume, if you don’t wear perfume anything with your favorite scent will work. Your favorite red lipstick, it must be a stick you have worn before. A couple pink or red flower petals. ​ Gather your focus and energy and head out under the full moon. Using the red pen, write down all the qualities you want in a lover, this is not the

Bring Back Lost Love - Free Love Spells

An easy love spell for the uninitiated or inexperienced that is designed to bring back a lost love: Light the following candles: A red candle (South) A green candle (North) A yellow candle (East) A blue candle (West) Two pink candles ​ Position the candles at the corresponding corners. Hold the two pink candles in your hands and face the red candle (south). Chant the following until you feel satisfied: ​ "Beautiful Goddess, powerful God, hear my prayer! Lords of fire, burn my desire, times three If it is meant to be, Bring *NAME* back to me."

Attraction Spell – Amulet

Are you looking for a good fast attraction spell? The best way for an attraction spell to work is to charge and amulet with it’s power.  The spell will do it’s work all the time when you carry this amulet with you.  Imagine the self-confidence and power you will feel knowing that the attraction spell is constantly putting the spell into the universe and everything surrounding you! ​ This spell is fast and easy to cast.  It does require a good amount of focus in order to charge the amulet.  This attraction spell is the most powerful when cast on Sunrise on a Friday (This is when Venus rules both the hour and day). ​ You will need: ​ Cardamom essential oil (love, lust, sexual energy) ​ Attar o

How To Become A Witch

Many people are interested in becoming witches but have no clue where to start. Outlined below are steps you can take on your journey to bec

Free Attraction Spells

Sweet Attraction Spells Here is one of my favorite attraction spells.  It is extremely powerful, yet very simple to cast.  This sweet attraction spell will cause your desire to make the first move.  Once again, despite the fact that it is so simple to cast you still need to maintain your focus and have a clearly defined goal in mind the entire time. Here is what you will need : 1. A piece of paper – I prefer to use some sort of special paper, either hemp or real cotton, but any kind will work for this. 2. An orange 3. A lemon 4. 1 tbsp chocolate syrup 5. 1 tsp of honey. During the daytime, before a full moon, simply write your desired one’s name on the paper.  Cut the orange in

Free Soul Mate Love Spell

This Soul Mate love spell will bring a partner who is matched to you by the universe. This simple Soul Mate Love Spell is intended to be”fail-safe”, but as always, you must be responsible for any outcome that occurs. Here is what you will need: ​ 1. A focused mind and a clearly defined goal. 2. Some type of special paper (No copier or notebook paper!), Some nice card-stock, hemp or real cotton paper work great for this Soul Mate Spell but really, whatever you feel is special will work. 3.A ritual writing instrument (I have some favorite pens that I use solely for rituals, don’t ever just pull one out of your purse or from your office, find something that is special to you and hopefully u

Free Easy Fast Working Love Spell

Here is a free easy fast working love spell.  You will need an Alexandrite crystal ( a piece of jewelry with alexandrite will work for this as well), a pink candle and ginger oil (a piece of sliced raw ginger will also work). Step 1: Gather your focus and energy. Close your eyes and concentrate on your goal of finding love, making sure not to have a specific person in mind, but rather certain qualities you are looking for in a mate. Step 2:  Take the pink candle and hold it with the wick end facing you.  Using your other hand take the ginger and starting at the bottom of the candle work the ginger oil up towards you, stopping just before the wick.  Continue to do this until the entire candle

Free Easy Love Spells

This is a simple spell to attract the specific person you desire. Free easy love spells usually aren’t very strong, but if you follow these simple steps, this one is different. Because this spell is so simple you at least need to know their name and have some form of regular contact or communication with them. Free Easy Love Spells ​ The two ingredients: Your altar Red candle ​ This spell is to be cast on a Friday night.  Head outside and set up your altar (if you don’t have an altar see how to make one here – Magick Circle and Altar).  Cast a circle and make sure you set your altar up at the north edge.   Call the Elemental Guardians (you can learn to do this here – Elemental Guardians). ​




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